Sanding and Sealing– The Process

The sanding process starts with giving your floor a clean and then removing tacks, staples, carpet grippers and unnecessary screws and nails. Boards and floors are carefully inspected during our initial survey and it is at this stage that any damaged sections are either repaired or filled at the customer’s instruction.
We use imported Bona dust free drum sanding machines to ensure a good result and minimal amount of dust, unlike the old conventional belt sanding machines still being used by many other floor sanding companies in Durban today. The appropriate coarse sanding 24/36 grit is initially used to level and clean the floor, after which progressively finer 60/100 grits are used in order to make your floor as smooth as possible. It is possible for us to get into corners and edges using our specialist dust free Bona Edger machines. 








Once the floors have been sanded if you choose to stain your floors we will do stain samples on your floor for you to choose you stain colour of choice. The floors are now vacuumed & cleaned before the sealing process begins. Three coats of sealer are applied with hand sanding/buffing in between 1st & 2nd coats. Drying times and finishes are dependent on the sealer chosen, leaving a beautiful floor that will last for years.








For wooden floors with visible damage we quote to match the existing floors as closely as possible. Reconditioned timber (subject to availability) is preferable to new timber as it will match better. Suspended floors should never be filled along the length of the strips as the gap in the flooring is designed for expansion, contraction and movement. We also repair damaged and loose parquet flooring.  We use a moisture metre to measure the moisture content where there has been any water damage, as sealing should not be done until the wood is completely dry.
We also sand and seal skirting’s and supply and fit quadrants.








Laying of new wooden floors


imagesCAJQGTBFWe have a specialist carpenter/contractor that will lay new floors prior to us sanding and sealing should you require a quotation on a new installation. This includes hardwood floors and engineered wooden floors as well as installation of new skirting’s, architraves, etc

The most popular methods for laying hardwood flooring are:
• Tongue and Groove(T&G)- this is the most common method where suspended planks are laid onto wooden batons which separate the wood from the substructure. With T&G the widths and lengths of the planks can vary but generally T&G allows you to have much longer and wider planks than any other method.

• Maxi Plank-here shorter planks are generally laid onto concrete level screed .Since these planks are glued down the length and width will be restricted with the length up to maximum of 1.2m to limit movement depending on the type of wood used.

• Parquet Blocks-this can be the bigger blocks or the smaller Swiss parquet which are stuck down.





Provided your previously water based sealed floors are still in a reasonably good condition, we can buff/clean and recoat your floors with another coat of water based sealer to give a restored finish we call a “Floorlift”. Whilst this will not remove any deep scratches it is cheaper and quicker than sanding and sealing your whole floor and will extend the life of your floors. This might be the ideal solution if:

• you are looking for a cheaper alternative to completely re-sanding and sealing
• your suspended tongue and groove floors are already too thin and are starting to break and cannot be sanded again
• you are selling the property and want to make the floors look newer again without the hassle and cost of re-sanding
• you need to protect/refresh your high traffic areas like passages, kitchens, etc. However if the sealer is already exposed to
  bare wood then re-sanding and sealing will be necessary
• you want to do a few rooms/areas without having to move out of the property. The average sanding and sealing job
  takes 3 days whereas a re-coat depending on the size area involved can be done in as little as one day





Charlotte-hardwood-flooring_fullWood is beautiful and comes alive when cared for properly. Caring for wooden floors is quite simple and you can add value to your house by restoring the wooden floors to their original condition. Several factors, however, can damage and destroy your wood finish including the following: 

So that your polyurethane sealed floors give you many years of use, we recommend the following for cleaning your floors for best results:
• Use a soft broom or damp (but not excessively wet) cloth/mop to clean your floors effortlessly.
• If there are stubborn marks, a weak solution of soapy water can be used but do not use any strong abrasive solutions especially those that may contain bleach or ammonia. Also, do not use excessive water on hardwood floors.
• Using conventional wax/polish is not recommended, as this will trap dirt and make cleaning your floors more difficult in time.
• A specially formulated and imported Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and Polish is available, which is recommended for use on most polyurethane coated parquet and strip-wood floors.
• Should you be interested in these products, kindly contact our office and we can give you further details/prices.



Bona Cleaner



Bona Cleaner: With its new formulation, Bona Cleaner gives you a powerful, low-foaming cleaning agent for quick and effective cleaning. It washes away dirt better than ever without damaging finishes or leaving any residue. Carefully balanced alkalinity makes it an effective degreaser that won’t harm the wood.







Bona Polish



Bona Polish Gloss: With the new Bona Polish Gloss, you get great results with less work. It is polyurethane-enhanced, making it extremely durable and easy to maintain. The polish has improved adhesion properties, allowing you to get even, revitalized surface with less effort. 

Bona Polish Matt: The new polyurethane-enhanced Bona Polish Matt delivers an even Matt surface every time. You get a revitalized surface that’s highly durable, water-resistant and not harmed by cleaning products. Thanks to a technological innovation, getting the perfect result is easier than ever. Bona Polish Matt is also easy and safe to apply.